About EBG!

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Our Motto

Uplifting women of color in our communities. Showing the world we are phenomenal in the things we can achieve, well beyond what the media attempts to portray us to be. Embracing our astonishing beauty and sensational personalities; All while living life to its fullest, being amazing women, doing remarkable things. The true definition of Extraordinary Brown Girls.

Our Story

To be honest, we have known each other for a long time. Melanista and Mocha Mamacita are actually sisters. Bella Brown Suga became friends with Mocha Mamacita through a training program at work, and eventually Bella Brown Suga and Melanista became friends as well. The birth of EBG started on June 24, 2016…just another regular day at work. Bella Brown Suga reached out to Mocha Mamacita asking how much she charged for crochet twists (Ms. Mocha puts it down in the hair game. Melanista does too). In the midst of making small talk, Mocha Mamacita asked Bella Brown Suga if she ever desired to write a blog. She responded by saying that she did, and that she already had a personal online journal that was rather petty…so if she did do a blog she would have to keep her petty to a minimum LOL. Ideas were flowing back and forth, and before you know it Extraordinary Brown Girl was made! Mocha Mamacita asked Melanista what she thought about it, and she immediately loved the idea and said she was in! Now here we are a year and some change later bringing our baby and love for women’s empowerment to life…one shade of melanin at a time! We each come from different walks of life, and each have a story to tell and a different personality to share. We are so excited about the content we have in store for everyone, and we hope that you all will join us on this journey of us manifesting more into extraordinary brown girls! As time goes by, we will also welcome content from our followers and take our vision to higher heights. So strap on your seat belts and welcome to Extraordinary Brown Girl!!!