I Love My Family!

I am grateful for everything that makes us….US. I’m grateful for the bonds we share, the flaws we have, the fussing we do at times, and all of the fun and laughs we have at the end of the day. I’m grateful to the cousin who became the best sister a girl could have asked… Continue reading I Love My Family!

My Realizations About Pain

As I sat having an in-depth talk with one of my closest cousins, I felt like we were having an “Iyanla: Fix My Life” moment. She lost one of her older brothers and our Grandma (who was her second mom) within a year. I knew both had changed her but I was oblivious to how… Continue reading My Realizations About Pain

How you gonna be the baddest chick but don’t like to take pictures????

Long story short…….I HATE TAKING PICTURES!!! When I tell you I can see a camera and out of nowhere I have the speed of Usain Bolt. Im the fastest person on earth when the camera comes peeking its evil lens. I haven’t always been this way but for the past year I have. I’ll politely… Continue reading How you gonna be the baddest chick but don’t like to take pictures????

Like We Never Missed a Beat!

Sometimes when you least expect it, opportunity comes knocking. In my case it came from a phone call with an old friend. By the time I hung up I was inspired and motivated to get involved. My hope is by the time you finish reading you also recognize the opportunity: Starting out my call with… Continue reading Like We Never Missed a Beat!

Sometimes Love Isn’t a Fairytale Come True

“Everything you love you don’t lose…you push it away with your inability to grow and change. You married a fighter and I’m not giving up on you yet. I’m going to find us a marriage counselor.” As little girls, most of us women have dreamt of our wedding day all of our lives. Surprisingly, I… Continue reading Sometimes Love Isn’t a Fairytale Come True

Heights of Confidence

They say, "you can be anything in life, skies the limit,” but if you have never seen someone like you in that career is it merely nothing more than an unattainable motivational cliché? This is the exact myth non-profit aviation organization Legacy Flight Academy (LFA) aims to dispel about minorities in aviation careers. It is… Continue reading Heights of Confidence